Different Kind of Company

Millions of cartridges end up in landfills annually; Clover Environmental Solutions (CES) works to reduce that number by reusing or recycling those cartridges. CES is one of the largest collection centers for inkjets and laser toners. As a vertically integrated company, we use almost all the empty cartridges we collect for remanufacturing. And, everything that is collected is either reused or recycled - nothing goes into a landfill.

Most collected units are remanufactured, tested to meet or exceed OEM standards, and rebranded for distribution. If cartridges don’t meet the high standards for reuse, they’re recycled. Clover disassembles the cartridges so the plastic can be ground, which is about 90% of the cartridge by weight, then extrude it and create pellets. Those pellets are sold in the open market as a reprocessed raw material for injection molding, and at least some of it is used in the production of new office supplies.

Programs Built for Your Needs

CES offers many innovative programs to enable customers to return cartridges and keep them out of landfills. At the same time, customers earn incremental revenue for the value of the units that are collected.

We provide our customers with collection solutions such as downloadable pre-paid shipping labels, recycling containers and free pallet pickups. Customers will receive a payment each month for units processed in the previous month once the accumulated value of their returns exceeds a $50.00 minimum

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